Our chosen skincare brands GUINOT & ENVIRON offer advanced and extensive treatments and home care that give optimum results. Hero ingredients Vitamin A, C & E work alongside AHAs, Retinol and Hyaluronic Acid to help fight the signs of premature ageing photo damage, some scarring and sensitive / reactive skin types.

HYDRADERMIE - 1.15 hr - £58.95
An affective treatment using milk electrotherapy to deep clean
and regenerate skin cells and high frequency to oxygenate.
If you require extraction, then this is the facial for you.

HYDRA PLUS - 1.5 hr - £69.95
A three in one facial with particular attention to eyes
and neck with gels and serums. Beginning with a serenity massage
and concluded with a beautifully relaxing scalp massage.

AGE SUMMUM & HANDS - 1 hr - £72.95
A four phase treatment using active components, dermabrasion
exfoliating cream, pure vitamin c, hyaluronic acid and pro collagen.
The back of the hands are included
as they deserve some anti ageing attention as well!

A hands on treatment using pure vitamin C and specific massage
with a thermolift mask to increase absorption. Excellent post holiday
treatment if your skin has been exposed to skin ageing UV rays.

HYDRALIFT & LIFTOSOME MASK - 1.5 hr - £78.95
Includes the Hydradermie, Non surgical lifting
and the anti ageing Liftosome Vitamin C thermolift mask.

BEAUTE NEUVE - 1 hr - £52.00
A unique double peeling system using natural exfoliating properties
of Glycolic Acid, AHAs with pure Vitamin C to gently peel away
dead skin cells. Improves sun damage, fine lines and some scarring.

EXPRESS FACIAL - 45 mins - £33.95
Time is a premium. A perfect quick 'pick me up' for a brighter complexion.

GALVANIC FACIAL - 1.5 hr - £57.00
with Roll CIT £67.00

Using ENVIRON vitamin A and C and anti oxidants. Can help
lighten pigmentation, soften fine lines. Very good at helping
sensitive reactive and acne rosacea skin types. If you are using
ENVIIRON as your home care, more active ingredients can be used
within this facial, this will be discussed in your consultation.

Other Services

HYDRA PEELING - 1 hr - £72.95
Please enquire for more information

EYE LOGIC - 45 mins - £49.95
Please enquire for more information

EXPRESS FACIAL - 45 mins - £24.00
(Apprentice Price)

Skin consultation & advise.
Double cleanse, enzyme exfoliation, massage & mask.

10% off when you book in for 3 of the same treatments

6th FREE When you book in for 5 of the sasme treatments